Best Projects


Responsive, animated and interactive interscroller banners. Our development and innovation, which conquered the German market and made our partner Recognized market leader.


1st place in Coca-Cola design contest for innovative products + jury award (


Prize in Festoool innovation contest. The concept was licensed by Festool (the most prestigious award).

Best of The Rest

40 Banners that stand out for creativity, quality, effects or design. *Do not match banners in other categories.


Considering the limitations of banners, in terms of size and HTML capabilities, the banners for Emirates were a huge challenge and can really be considered a masterpiece.


Samsung banner design, script and animation. Among our most successful projects.


One of our most successful banners (example 1) - we made the design and scenario in extreme conditions and it was approved the first time with one correction in the size of the logo. All banners are our design, scenario and animation.


Design and Innovation for Software. We have offered over 30 innovations and about 20 improvements. Complete restructuring and optimization. We are unable to share the project - only a limited number of images.

Ekopack Game

Game for Ekopack and Ruse municipality. Made for teaching children 7-12 years old.


1st place in the contest + purchase of the rights from E-on (the biggest prize). Optimization of the content and tables by 40% - from 5 to 3 pages. Colors matching the 5 companies.


Alfi contest winner for "enjoy outdoor" slogan and graphic design. The entry was purchased and licensed by Alfi (the most prestigious award in the competition).


Design and Innovation for Microinvest - Research, Market Analysis, Design, UX, UI. ~30 innovations for self-service software. A distinctive vision that impressed all the leaders in the field.

TT Market

Web Page Improvements - UI, UX, Design, Content. All (99%) of our proposals were discussed with Cloudcart and accepted to be implemented.

Deutsche Bank 2

Participation in the Deutsche Bank Innovation Contest 2016 - App with many benefits and innovative services. Successful - 3 years later, every bank had the same or similar app.

Traffic Light

A development we made out of love for innovation and design.It is innovative traffic light system that was presented to leading companies in the industry (EU). We have no status information.

Deutsche bank

Participation in a Deutsche Bank innovation competition. We didn't win the competition, but we add the project among the most successful, since our vision is part of our everyday life now.

Interactive Animation

Video introducing our innovative product "animated interactive HTML animation".

Styro Design

Demo of an animated presentation based on our innovative developments. Interactive. Adaptive. (to be completed).


23 page presentation. Creation of images. Content writing. 3D modeling.

Letti Moderni / Ekon

3D modeling, visualization, graphic design, image retouch, presentation, animation, video.


Web design and web page implementation. Content writing. Image making. Photo sessions. Corporate identity.


Concept, photoshoot, retouching. Demonstration of our affinity for artistic projects.

Wired, Cisco, Adidas

4th place + award from design contest "workplace innovation". Graphic design and application design (UX & UI).

E-on 2+

Participation in an E-on competition for document design. An innovative letter that does not need an envelope. Before the "seal" is removed, the content is not visible. Coating protects the paper from damage.


Design, scenario and animation. Banner 1 was developed as an example. Later was used for a large-scale campaign.


Highly successful campaigns, such as Banner 1, stand out with an outstanding style. Design, scenario and animation. Banner 4 is inVideo - shrink video and sideload.

Self Diagnosis Software

Innovative self-diagnosis software that won European funding and was partially implemented by Apeks OOD - St. Marina Clinic in Pleven. Design, UX & UI, corporate identity, programming, project management.

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