Games & Web Animation

In these projects, we apply our vast experience in optimized animations, minimal file sizes, optimal image quality, minimal computational load, and maximum interactivity. The game we developed for the Municipality of Ruse and EcoPack was an absolute success. We are interested in taking on any challenges in this field.

Ekopack Game

Game for Ekopack and Ruse municipality. Made for teaching children 7-12 years old.

Styro Design

Demo of an animated presentation based on our innovative developments. Interactive. Adaptive. (to be completed).

Yves Rocher (Tuyo)

Joint project with the Romanian agency Tuyo. Implementation of ~10 animations (interactive and responsive) that were included in Yves Rosher's anniversary page.


Lions Videos. Video 1 presents the activities of the organization. Videos 2 and 3 present the locations of the clubs.

Demo web animations

Demo web animations. Example 1 - 0.28 MB, ~40 sec. Example 2 - 0.51 MB, ~ 10 sec. Example 3 - 0.36, 35 sec. Example 5 - 0.032 MB.

Styro Design 2

Animation for web page ( Interactive - 13 animated pages. Size: 2.2 MB. Size for mobile devices: 1.16 MB

Demo web animations 2

Example web animation - demonstration of the huge potential for integration in web pages. Demo 1 size: 0.80 MB. Demo 2 size: 0.62 MB.


Web animation for a web page. Size: 0.41 MB. Size for mobile devices: 0.35 MB. Duration: 30 Sec.


Web animation for web page - header. Size 0.43 MB. Size for mobile devices: 0.33 MB.


Web animation used as a web page 2018-2019. Size 1.90 MB. Size for mobile devices: 1.45 MB.

Makhina Presentation Demo

Demonstration of our development - interactive animated presentation based on HTML canvas. Adaptive elements. Small size. Compatible with mobile devices.


Web animation used as a web page 2019-2023. Size 2.85 MB. Size for mobile devices: 1.34 MB. Integration together with

Web animation for Size: 0.9 MB. Mobile animation size: 0.6 MB. Duration: 25 sec.

Makhina Presentation Demo 2

Sample presentation with our innovative technology + animation and interactivity.

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