Graphic Design

Prestigious awards from E-on, Alfi, Cisco contests. Experience in all areas of graphic design. Menus, brochures, leaflets, packaging, labels. Customers tell us that we’re genius – we probably are.


1st place in the contest + purchase of the rights from E-on (the biggest prize). Optimization of the content and tables by 40% - from 5 to 3 pages. Colors matching the 5 companies.


Alfi contest winner for "enjoy outdoor" slogan and graphic design. The entry was purchased and licensed by Alfi (the most prestigious award in the competition).


23 page presentation. Creation of images. Content writing. 3D modeling.

Essences Bulgaria

Design of packaging, labels and leaflets for 20 products. Plant images. Product colors. Shooting and retouching. Product images.

Pulse Fitness

Presentation / offer - template design. Business cards.

Essences Bulgaria

Labels, packaging and leaflets for essential oils, floral waters, honey and more. (55 products). Brochures, cards, advertising materials for magazines. Photos, images, drawings plants.


Participation in the "2025 work frontier" contest 2017 What would the future look like - 2025. Concepts include recruitment, office environment, AI, app, zen room.


Participation in the innovation competition "Think off the Grid" 2015. A concept for the transport of electricity from space was presented, which is to be implemented by the USA and China.

Wired, Cisco, Adidas

4th place + award from design contest "workplace innovation". Graphic design and application design (UX & UI).


A5 flyer design + new elements to company identity. Images & Retouch photos. Content writing.


Card with products - electronic cigarettes. A4. Intended for Romania.

Love Calendar

Logo, scratch card and album design. Visualizations.


Menu, pizza box, flyers, brochures, table mats and others.

E-on 2+

Participation in an E-on competition for document design. An innovative letter that does not need an envelope. Before the "seal" is removed, the content is not visible. Coating protects the paper from damage.

E-on 2

A very successful participation in a document design contest for E-on and its subsidiaries. This was followed by an invitation to a contest for the 10 best designers in the field.


Labels for ~10 products + photo enhancement. 5 languages.


Among winners in Cisco design contest for campaign, campaign slogan and graphic design.

Cosmetiques Creatifs

Design of 8 Packaging and 8 labels for cosmetic products. 3 sizes.

United KM

Calendars for United KM - exchange offices

Fa 2

Design and Innovation for Fa's Upcycle Contest at Among the favorites to win the contest. The goal is to use waste (packages from Fa products) to make useful things.

Crazy Pool

Card design (small promo menu). Image capture (without Mojito and Pink gin) & retouch.

Dr. Oetker (progressive cooking)

Participation in Dr. Oetker contest for innovations. "Progressive Cooking" concept - we expect soon to be implemented.

United Km

Supermarket bag design for united KM


Fabric bag design for Logi design contest in


Alfi's design contest - our aim was fun and inventive campaign related to 'ice age' and 'global warming'.


Logo, labels, flyer. Production and sale of honey.

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