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We work closely with photographers, videographers, programmers, marketers, 3D modelers, and artists to cover all project needs. Even when we step out of our comfort zone, guiding and executing the project, we ensure high quality. We strive to participate in every process and bring our high standards. All our activities focus on optimizing interconnected processes to achieve maximum impact with minimal loss of your time and attention. We aim to work with complete integrity and confidentiality, recognizing that every mistake we make, regardless of its nature, will be noticed by all who witness it.

“Design and Innovation”

We assist our clients in achieving the best results in the process of creating new solutions, innovations, or improvements. We employ a proven-effective method, backed by awards for innovation and design from prestigious competitions such as Coca-Cola, Festool, Wired, Cisco, Adidas, Rexona, Diebold. Our service includes:

  • Research in the field, competitors, customers, existing solutions, conceptual development, technical specifications, and more.
  • Design.
  • Visualizations (including 3D).
  • Prototyping.
  • Testing.
  • Technical specifications and drawings.
  • Identifying specialists and subcontractors.
  • Conceptual development in the fields of graphic design, branding, advertising, product design, UX, UI.

Applicable to: products, services, brands, software, applications, advertising campaigns, manufacturing.

For us, the “Innovation” service is an opportunity to contribute to a better life, cost-effective production, pollution reduction, resource conservation, longer product lifespans, environmental friendliness, improved qualities, and benefits for society.

โ€œNemo vir est qui mundum non reddat melioremโ€

Graphic Design

Prestigious awards from E-on, Alfi, Cisco contests. Experience in all areas of graphic design. Menus, brochures, leaflets, packaging, labels. Customers tell us that we’re genius – we probably are.


We work absolutely correctly with the leading companies in Bulgaria: Microinvest, Eltrade, Parallel, Hype software.

Banners & ADs

From 2016 to 2020, we prioritized working in this area, completing 1500+ projects for Recognified Gmbh. Our innovative developments created the company, which we improved to become the best in the field. We possess exceptional expertise in creating HTML banners and animations – banners that are 30-70% higher in quality than the best ones on the market. What sets us apart are effects that are hard to achieve for this type of animation, minimal file sizes, interactivity, adaptability, and fast loading times. The fact that we won over the most significant companies in the German market to work with Recognified is not by chance.

Product Design & 3D Modeling

Awards from prestigious competitions like Coca-Cola, Festool, Rexona, and Diebold Nixdorf for innovation and product design are part of our innovation service.

We perform 3D modeling as part of the “Innovation” service or as part of animation, brochures, technical documentation development. Our partners are among the best in the field, and we have the ability to involve them in future larger-scale projects.

Web Design

Our first page, Kotkata.com, which has been running smoothly for 8 years without any need for updates and maintenance, is a guarantee of quality and responsibility. In the development of websites, we collaborate with external specialists, and we prefer to work with the client’s own programmers, for whose performance we do not assume responsibility.

Video & Animation

We create animated videos relatively budget-friendly using Adobe Animate. Advantage: we can generate videos in HTML format with sizes ranging from 0.5-1.5 MB while maintaining perfect quality, compared to standard videos that can be 10-15 MB with lower quality. We have exceptional experience in this type of animation and guarantee their flawless presentation when placed on a web page. Disadvantage: there are some limitations on the effects.

Photo sessions. Retouch photos

We develop a comprehensive concept, find photographers, videographers, models, equipment, props, and organize the entire shooting process. We provide everything needed, including design, animations, visualizations, and more, for the team involved in the project.

We process the photos according to our high-quality standards, ensuring they meet the requirements for our projects.

Games & Web Animation

In these projects, we apply our vast experience in optimized animations, minimal file sizes, optimal image quality, minimal computational load, and maximum interactivity. The game we developed for the Municipality of Ruse and EcoPack was an absolute success. We are interested in taking on any challenges in this field.

Branding and Corporate Identity

We perform this type of service primarily within the framework of more significant projects โ€“ innovation, web pages and large-scale projects involving a large number of services.


We create both presentation templates and complete presentation implementation. Powerpoint / .pdf.

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